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As a SETA nationally accredited training provider, Makhophila Training is a preferred training partner of choice for all computer related training needs.

Welcome to Makhophila Training. We are an accredited training provider that was founded in November 2009. We are a 100% black owned and managed organisation with an experienced team that is able to identify and bridge skills training and development gaps in organizations. We provide a comprehensive range of courses which meet your needs and fit within your budget.

• Quality Output
• Professionalism
• Personal Integrity
• Trusting Relationships

Makhophila Training will provide high quality, value adding training and development solutions that attempt to address training and development needs of the South African society that will result in improved productivity and skilled workforce, as well as an enlightened society.

We offer nothing but quality skills in the development of the people

To establish Makhophila Training as a leading skills development service provider.


Quality Output

Every single one of our courses are designed to render our trainees employable or increase their value in the workplace.


Every course we offer is facilitated in the most professional environment possible.

Personal Integrity

We do not compromise our integrity so you will never have to compromise yours.

Trusting Relationships

We fully understand the importance of forging relationships in business.


10 years of Experience
We Focus on job oriented Course
All Our Courses are 100% Accredited.

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